quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010

(wrote to the roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar concerning our Lord Jesus Christ)

       Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar the Emperor, Greetings:
       Upon Jesus Christ, whom I fully made known to thee in my last, a bitter punishment hath at length been inflicted by the will of the people although I was unwilling and apprehensive. In good truth, no age ever had or will have a man so good and strict. But the people made a wonderful effort, and all their scribes, chiefs and elders agreed to crucify this ambassador of truth, their own prophets, like the Sibyls with us, advising the contrary; and when he was hanged supernatural signs appeared, and in the judgment of philosophers menaced the whole world with ruin.
       His disciples flourish, not belying their master by their behavior and continence of life; nay, in his name they are most beneficent. Had I not feared a sedition might arise among the people, who were almost furious, perhaps this man would have yet been living with us. Although, being rather compelled by fidelity to thy dignity, than led by my own inclination, I did not strive with all my might to prevent the sale and suffering of righteous blood, guiltless of every accusation, unjustly, indeed, through the maliciouness of men, and yet, as the Scriptures interpret, to their own destruction.
       Farewell. The 5th of the Calends of April.

Image: Bamberg, Kaiserdom St. Peter und St. Georg, Fresko Christus vor Pontius Pilatus

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