quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby, Now You Have Jazz

  • A proof that there is no "transmigration of souls" (reincarnation) is a simple question: where is the representation – is this beauty’s starving world – of musicians like these nowadays? Tell me...

    Of course things are not as simples as that, but that it seems so… It is an orgasm of soul, this marvelous piece of sound. It is for my friends, far away in the land of Terra Longe, suffering days of snow and the pain of an absent sun and his love.

    This is, today, my consolation for You. As Scarlett O'Hara said (Margaret Mitchell, Gone With The Wind), «After all, tomorrow is another day!» May it be beautifull! Now, You have jazz!

  • A maioria dos homens não sabe porquê, não… Vá lá, um pouco de pedagogia não faz mal.

2 comentários:

Pe Na TChon disse...

yeah u wrote something in english ^@^.
thanx for the beautiful jazz & for making my February 14.

now about the whole transmigration of souls ^@^

have a beautiful day.

Virgílio Brandão disse...

B tem pé na tchon, but a great soul!

Take care.